Auto Parts Dropshiping

Montreal Dropship provides you with advanced technology and a team specialized in auto parts dropship. With already 20 years experience in auto parts and truck parts delivery throughout Canada, we are confident that we can be a key partner for your business.

Montreal Dropship will drive the distance back and forth between all of the auto parts suppliers, warehouses and manufacturers in the greater Montreal region. The orders are then channeled to our Montreal expedition warehouse and prepped for shipping. We deliver the parcels for you all over Canada with the help of our most reliable carriers and always at a very competitive cost.

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  • 1. We receive your request for transport

    Montreal Dropship gives you access to a user-friendly and web-based application to submit your requests. Our team quickly takes charge of each submission.
  • 2. We pick up the parts at your suppliers' locations

    Our trucks are on the road to pick up and bring back each order from your suppliers such as  Entrepot de Montréal, Transit, Transbec, FASA, CBK, Vast-Auto, Altrom, Auto Camping, Monidex, Uni-Select, Rockland World Parts, Maximum, Distam, Robert Thibert, DAY and many others every single day.

  • 3. We prepare your parcels to be shipped

    As soon as your products arrive in our expedition warehouse, they are sorted and prepared according to your specifications and requirements for an efficient and quick delivery.

  • 4. We can identify for you the best expedition option

    Our wide range of recognized and reliable carriers allows you to pick and choose from many different options. You can opt for the lowest price, the fastest delivery or let us evaluate the best option for your needs. We can recommend options based on distance, region, weight, expected delivery date and price. Through this approach, we can insure your complete satisfaction as well as your clients’.

  • 5. We deliver your parcels quickly to your clients

    Carriers such as Canada Post, Purolator, Nationex, UPS, Dicom, Cardinal and more come for daily pickups of your parcels to be delivered. Each order is properly identified to be delivered to the correct address in the expected timeframe.

  • * We deliver your orders under your business name

    All of the deliveries are done in your name and we can include all your business specific documents inside (client invoice, business policies, promotional material, etc). Upon receiving their parcel at their door, your clients will know exactly which order it is and will know it was ordered through your company

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